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. but the eagle fight back with eight seconds to go. hold your breath. don't hold it too much. that was a call on foles which means the clock was -- went back 10 seconds. skins win 27-20. >> i think everybody knows we can win any game we have to. whether it is a high-scoring game or a low-scoring game. it feels good to be in this position. we controlled our own destiny and we continue to do so until next week. >> we will see more about their destiny in sports that is coming up. >> cowboys lost. >> the clock is ticking down when it comes to working on a deal on the fiscal cliff. what joseph lieberman had to say about if he thinks a deal can be done. >> the bizarre story as two people in california who faked a ♪ >> a memorial service was held in hawaii today for the late senator daniel inouye. president obama and the first lady who were spending the holidays in hawaii attended the service. he died monday. >> there is just nine days until the country reaches that so-called fiscal cliff. tonight, at least one senator says after this week he's not feeling to op
as we welcome and present to you the grand entry of our eagle staff and our dancers. here we go. bring em in. carrying the first flag of this nation, of this land, the eagle staff larry harristan. how about a round of applause for larry? thank you larry. bringing in our dancers. (drums). good to see you. our southern and northern dancers. welcome ladies. welcome. followed by our jingle "dancing with dancers. welcoming our dancers as well. our northern traditional dancers followed by our grass dancers. how about a big round for applause for all ours dancers? good to see you. (drums). going over to our group over here. flag song. please. long before the national anthem composed by francis scott key the 50 people that this land. >> >> the first people that this land had these fight songs, national anthems for these tribes, paying homage to the first flag of this land, the eagle staff. remembering our veterans as well, the warriors whether going to battle or returning from battle paying homage to their service, paying homage to this flag. always honored our veterans, our wa
the philadelphia eagles. the team now just one game away from winning their first division title since 1999. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield and robert griffin iii made his big return with that knee brace on. jason is here with more on the vakto victory. >> tornado watchesit was a much. the redskins held on for victory. the team still controls their own destiny for a post-season bid. the skins are on top of the nfc east division at six wins in a row and this team doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. robert griffin iii back under center for the skins and picking up right where he left off. second quarter action, eagles up 7-6. griffin with a swing pass to josh morgan. he would find the end zone. 11-yard touchdown. redskins take a 13-7 lead. third quarter now. skins up 20-13. griffin lofts this one to santana moss. he brings it in for the score. two touchdowns on the day for griffin. skins up 27-13. under ten seconds remaining now, nick foles buying some time, but he gets tracked down by bowen. foles gets rid of it, ruled intentional grounding, a ten second runoff and
times. the one blip 30 years ago when the eagles upset a patrick- ewing led squad. jeff jones trying to do a similar thing here, but you've got to cover rivera. 3 points. two of five from deep. the hoyas build a 15-point lead. but the eagles pesky. daniel munoz stroking his 3. he had a 15-point game. georgetown's defense all over the eagles here. porter, georgetown pulling away for their ninth straight. kristen berset with more. >> reporter: georgetown and american are two teams that are headed in opposite directions. the eagles have now lost three in a row while the hoyas are riding a seven game win streak. now, today's game ended as most expected, with georgetown dominating the d.c. neighbor. but both teams see there's a lot of work to be done, especially with conference play looming around the corner. >> we've been struggling. before this game, we've been struggling. so we've been really emphasizing improvement and not so much focus on the win/loss record but instead focusing on doing the things that can allow us to become a better team. >> none of us in that locker room are sitti
to start on sunday against the eagles. there will be many limitations griffin. is recovering from a knee.ed right washington wins their last two games, able win the .ivision 4-10.gles are it is likely the head coach -- sean mccoy will be back in action. tomorrow'sill take very seriously. >> there is a lot of pride at both us and for them. he would like nothing better than to spoil our chances of advancing. we have got to take care of business. the wizards are downright .ainful to watch right now the head coach is at his wits end. he has been trying to get thrown out for a while. that is bad. he has had enough. the wizards hosting the pistons. they trailed at. third quarter, the wizards rallied. they tried. they were down only 6. this wild sequence sequence happened. i do not know what is going on. the ball is loose. a player falls onto the floor. he was able to finish on the other end. this and a lockout. they lost 96-87. number 15, georgetown, has a star in the big east play. the eagles were smelling and upset. stephen get the past right there. . score n scores. they hoyas get the rhyth
eagles are down by 6. later in the first half, au taking advantage of a stares transition game. lumpkin to mark bosstich. second half, all hoyas. off the miss, troutwig leads the break. georgetown up by 26. they would cruise to a 65-48 win. the head coach says he likes how his team performed in the second half. >> we have did a better job. we shot the shots more. we rebounded. first half, we shoot the ball, we are just fading back. we got some offensive rebounds in the second half. conference play starts. they're going to be prepared. they're going to be prepared mentally, physically, emotionally. we'll be ready. >>> governor's hoop holiday classic. poith down by 12. now mason down by 2. jonathan arledge follows after the miss. he gives may some first lead of the game at 63-62. richmond down 2. off the missed 3. richmond scores in traffic. that ties the game. still tied. five seconds left in this game. george mason can win it. they have the ball. edwards drives, to sherrod wright. he lets it fly with one second to go. that is good at the buzzer. wright had a game high 22. mason
as getting into the playoffs. coming up next, the philadelphia eagles and we've got dave ross who is going to break it down. a big game day, epic proportions! >> two days before christmas and we're talking playoffs. >> i know! can you imagine? >> playoffs! it's been a long time, since 2007. we think rg-iii is going to play today. he has been cleared to play in this matchup, so why wouldn't he play? we expect him to be there. last time these two teams played, rg-iii was pretty good, only 14 of 15 with 4 touchdown passes, with a 61-yarder here to santana moss. redskins dominated 31-6. nick foles has come away since then, only won one game grant as a team this year. >> nowhere to go but up! >> yeah, rocky start. seems like this win, they are not taking these guys lightly. >> i don't think anyone's trying to take a big picture look at it right now. we can do that after the season when we're all happy. but, you know, right now, i think everyone's focused on one game at a time. that's the attitude you have to have. no one's in the locker room jumping around, excited that we're on a win streak an
in uniform and back on the field for the redskins games versus the eagles. griffin looked at no limitations in three full days of practice this week. he's been nursing a sprained right knee that kept him sidelined last weekend in cleveland. mike shanahan said he was waiting for the doctor's good word before declaring griffin back as the starter. the redskins are in the hunt for the nfc east title after five straight wins. rg3 has helped get them this far and he wants to go all the way. >> we came back from the bye with one mission an that's the mission we're still on. we control our destiny and do what we're supposed to do. we won. that's what we have to continue to do. guys can't get happy now. we've still got one game and then another game after that. >> skins kick off at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. >>> meantime the wizards trying to pull off a turn-around of their own. last night they lost to the pistons by 32 points. worst defeat of the year. but that was in detroit. tonight they host the pistons at verizon center. randy wittman happy to get nene and brad he bealman back in the huddle. webster
and pleasant in philly today for the redskins and the eagles. meanwhile, lake effect snows. the snow machine is on. and our next weather maker is still down here across the gulf coast. it's on a slow but steady course in our direction. it will be arriving long around lunchtime tomorrow. and sunny and quiet, and great day to be outside today and quiet weather up and down the eastern seaboard. if you are flying today or taking the train or driving whatever you are doing to get to grandma's house, it will be good travel today. 10:30 tonight, clear skies will allow the cold air to settle in place around here so by the time we get started 8:00 tomorrow morning, still a relatively clear sky but clouds moving in very, very quickly, and there will be a chance tomorrow as the moisture runs over that cold air, this pink and the blue out here across eastern and western parts of virginia, that may be a possibility of sleet at the on set of the next system. most of that will be up towards the blue ridge, shenandoah valley and upper parts of maryland. and tomorrow late morning to late afternoon be on the
. the redskins taking on the eagles today in philadelphia. the question for washington was whether the rookie sensation will be on the field after missing last week's game. rg3 led them to their sixth consecutive wins. the redskins win 27-20 and now control their own destiny in the race for the nfc east. stay with us. more on the forecast we return. >> let's take one more look at the forecast. tomorrow we will see the light rain and snow. there could be minor accumulation in some neighborhoods. temperatures will be above freezing. christmas day will be dry and 44. a bigger storm comes in wednesday night and early thursday morning. another one on saturday with a mix of rain and snow. this will be an active week. we will be talking a lot next week. >> we wi >> this is a wbal-tv editorial. >> we think of our loved ones sacrificing their lives for our liberty and pursuit of happiness. we take our regularly scheduled editorial time to share greetings from those in the military to their families in maryland. they will also be available on happy holidays. >> i am stationed at the airbase
22 point. mason defeats richmond 67-64. >>> an eagles-redskins rematch tomorrow in philly. remember when the redskins won 57-6. griffin iii completed this long pass to santana moss. the eagles have been 1-5 since then, but they had a da what tick win last week. >> i don't think that everybody is taking a big picture right now. we can do that after the season when we are happy. right now, everyone is focused on one game at time. that's the attitude that you have. no one his the locker room excited. we go on a win streak and control our own destiny. everybody is focus on what we have to do. >>> according to reports, robin griffin 3 has been cleared by doctors to play tomorrow. that's the end-all, be-all. if doctors clear him, he is good to go. >> do we wait to hear from shanahan? >> we'll hear from shanahan. we'll have the inactive list at that point on the pregame show. he's going to play. i don't think there is anything to worry about. if the doctors clear him, he is good to go >>> coming up, gwen tolbart has the holiday forecast. and trying to find the perfect present for your kids
year i had the wonderful honor of traveling to the middle east with senator inouye. it is an eagle that many of the women in the senate wear. we have a little collection. this one is from the smith sonian. he said i loift, it's so pretty. i want to get one for my wife. i don't know if senator inip ever got it for his wife irene but i say to my colleagues today at an appropriate today and on behalf of the united states senate i will present this pin to mrs. inouye in honor of her husband, our gift to her because he gave so many gifts to us. he was a line in the senate, a real american hero. though gent until style he was a fears warrior when it came to fighting for his nation or standing up for hawaii. when he received his medal of honor, he was rising to the call of pearl har bob volunteering to serve his country. putting aside his dreams of being a physician. he was decorated in world war ii for saving his own soldiers. he was a devoted, dedicated public servant. he was hawaii's first representative of the nation's newest state. he was the first person of japanese heritage to be e
people. we are eagles. american people, mendi people and they use this phrase the mendi people to make their political demands and even to instruct john quincy adams about what he was supposed to say to the great court when it came time for them to hear their case. so, my point here and this is the second big surprise, is that the african side of the story really matters in terms of how the rebellion happened and how these people organized themselves in jail. it makes a huge difference. the third surprise. the third surprise is basically this. nothing that i read about the amistad case prepared me to understand how tremendously popular it was. i have already mentioned those groups of people lining up and going through the jail. you know folks, tens of thousands of people did that. 4000 people alone on the first day they were in no new haven jails, 4000 people filed through there. it's extraordinary. but, what happened? artists come in. in. use awesome sketches. one man came in and took castings and then created 29 life sized wax figures of this imus dodd africans and assemble them at t
to end the season. redskins, eagles. robert griffin iii and there is andy reid in what could be his last game at home as head coach. robert griffin iii, to morgan. that was a track meet to the end zone. robert griffin iii to santana moss. nice touch. 22-yarder. skins win. more football elsewhere, houston defense against jj watt. vikings running back, adrian peterson continuing that chase for the single season rushing mark. today only 86 yards. there is 20 of them. he needs 208 to break the single season record. vikings win 23-6. foster left the game dealing with an irregular heartbeat. >> sounds good. thank you. >>> tune in to cbs tonight. and at 11:00 p.m. tonight, national rifle association leader defends its stants on gun restrictions and how shoppers are scoring major deals. those stories and more tonight at 11:00 p.m. are you done? >> for the most
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)